How to copy a container with a certificate to another medium?

If a floppy disk or flash drive is used for work, copying can be performed using Windows tools (this method is suitable for CryptoPro CSP versions not lower than 3.0). The folder with the private key (and the certificate file is the public key, if it exists) must be placed in the root of the diskette (flash drive). Folder name when copying is recommended not to change. The folder with the private key must contain 6 files with the extension .key.

An example of a private key is a folder with six files, and a public key is a file with the extension .cer.

Private key Public key

As a rule, the public key is present in the private key (the header.key file in this case will weigh more than 1 KB). In this case, copying the public key is not necessary.

Container copying can also be performed using CryptoPro CSP. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select Start / Control Panel / CryptoPro CSP .

2. Go to the Service tab and click on the Copy container button (see fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Window "CryptoPro CSP Properties"

3. In the Copy container of the private key window, click the Browse button (see Figure 2).

Fig. 2. Copying the private key container

4. Select a container from the list, click the Ok button, then Next (see fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Container selection

If copying is done from a rutoken, a pin code input window will appear, in which you should specify the standard pin code - 12345678 .

5. Next, you must manually specify the name of the container to be copied. In the name of the container is allowed the Russian layout and spaces. Then select Finish (see fig. 4).


Fig. 4. The name of the key container

6. In the Insert blank key carrier window, you must select the carrier on which the new container will be placed (see Figure 5).

Fig. 5. Selecting a clean key carrier

7. A new container will be prompted to set a password. Setting a password is optional, you can leave the field blank and click the Ok button (see Figure 6).

Fig. 6. Setting a password for a container

If copying is done to the ruToken smart card, the message will sound different (see Figure 7). The standard pincode should be 12345678 .

Fig. 7. Pin for container

Please note: in case of loss of a password / pin-code, using the container will become impossible.

8. After copying, the system will return to the Service tab in the CryptoPro CSP window. Copy completed. If you plan to use a new key container for working in the Kontur.Ekstern system, you need to install a personal certificate (see How to install a personal certificate? ).

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