What you need to design an IP: tips, recommendations and implementation process

To work as a private entrepreneur, you do not need to have the authorized capital and legal address, you only need to correctly issue the IP. An individual entrepreneur can carry out his business throughout the country, but registration, payment of taxes (except for UTII) and social deductions must occur at the address of permanent registration in the passport.

To design an IP, you can use the following options:

  • Register IP yourself. To do this, you need to visit the tax office and provide all the necessary information. The disadvantages of this option: you need to spend your own time visiting the inspection, draw up and prepare all the necessary documents correctly, in case of an error in the design of the documentation, you will have to pay for the procedure again.
  • Open remote IP yourself (by mail or via the Internet). The Documents specialist service is perfect for this, but even in this case, visits to the tax office cannot be avoided.
  • To issue a turnkey FE.
  • Create an IP by proxy.

A citizen must complete a series of actions before completing documents.

1. Choose a tax regime under which the entrepreneur will carry out its activities, and submit reports to the Federal Tax Service:

  • Simplified tax system (simplified tax system, simplified tax system, simplified tax system). This mode allows you to facilitate accounting, reduce the amount of taxes paid.

There are two options for calculating taxes on the simplified tax system: tax at a rate of 6%, which is taxed on all income, and tax that is charged on the difference in income minus expenses (5-15% depending on the region).

  • The traditional tax regime (general taxation system, basic taxation system). If no special applications were submitted during registration, all newly created organizations and individual entrepreneurs are placed under this tax regime.

2. The entrepreneur must decide and choose those types of economic activity according to the All-Russian Classifier (OKVED), which he is going to deal with. When creating an IP, it is recommended to choose the maximum possible number of codes, with the first code in the list determining the main type of activity, based on which tax rates for deductions to the FSS and PFR are further calculated.

When creating an IP, it is recommended to choose the maximum possible number of codes, with the first code in the list determining the main type of activity, based on which tax rates for deductions to the FSS and PFR are further calculated

The title page of the application for registration of IP

3. Pay the state registration fee (800 rubles) by filling in the details of the tax office where registration takes place. In case of refusal of registration, the amount of the paid fee is not refunded.

4. An application for registration of IP can be submitted in person or remotely (in this case, a signature must be notarized). The application form is available on the website of the Federal Tax Service, but there are many requirements for filling it out, starting with the color of the pen and ending with the format for entering the phone number and passport number and other details.

5. If the entrepreneur has chosen a simplified tax regime, then when submitting documents, you need to fill out an application for the simplified tax system.

Example of certificate of registration of IP

If all the documents are available, they are filled out correctly and there are no legislative reasons that will serve as a justified refusal to register, the entrepreneur will receive the following documents: certificate of registration, extract from the Unified State Register of Enterprises, notification of registration with the tax authority. The tax inspectorate independently notifies extrabudgetary funds (PFR and TFOMS) and statistical authorities about registration of individual entrepreneurs.

If a citizen does not have a taxpayer identification number, then the tax authority will issue it together with the registration of the individual entrepreneur, but this will increase the overall period for receiving documents.

Registering IP online with the help of the Practik settlement center allows you to get the following benefits:

  1. Settlement Center A-Practician will completely save you from filling out documents and visiting tax authorities, you will save your nerves and save a lot of time.
  2. We will help to maintain accounting, for this you can choose any convenient form of cooperation:
    • Online Accounting service Elba , this offer is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs since the registration of which no more than three months have passed.
    • Full accounting with a guarantee of service and significant savings in maintenance costs and time for visiting inspections, funds and banks.

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