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How to Start Potty Training Toddler Pooping on Floor
Do switch to pull-ups. When your kid is just beginning the potty, play it safe with the disposable wide variety. He can draw them downwards like underpants, but in the case of an car accident they absorb like diapers and can be scammed rather than stopped his legs. Once children has loved a few successes on the toilet, try transferring to machine washable cotton training pants.

Do let him blank his bottom. To boost your child's awareness of his body's indicators, allow him to scamper about (in a private backyard or place with a cleanable floor) regarding his lower 50 % unclad. So why this will work: It's very difficult to ignore urine in the event that there's no diaper to hold this in. Keep your potty near by so your kid can address his anatomy's signals fairly quickly.
Do choose easy

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